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South West Pinnacle. This dive site ranges from 30 to 5m deep. Southwest is dived less then some of the other sites around Koh Tao and Koh Samui and so it is quite possible you will be on the only dive boat at the site. The dive site itself consists of a series of steep pinnacles rising from the sandy seabed & offers an ample variety of marine life.
Around the outside of South West Leopard Sharks can be seen asleep on the sand as well as Blue Spotted Rays. The site also hosts the usual range of colorful tropical marine life such as Butterflyfish and Blueringed Angelfish. Pelagic?s such as Jacks, Barracuda & the occasional Whaleshark can often be seen as well as it is one of the deeper water sites laying in similar depths to both Sail Rock and Chumphon Pinnacle. This makes it popular with the bigger pelagics also.

Возможная глубина погружения - до 30 метров
Место - Гранитное возвышение (разломы)
Дно - Твердые и мягкие кораллы
Рыба - Whalesharks, Reef Sharks, Large Groupers
Течение - от легкого до умеренно-среднего
Видимость - от 10 до 25 метров
Уровень подготовки - Advanced Divers

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